Thank You to our Patrons and Friends from Hudson – We Have Officially Closed Our Doors

Thank you very much to all our patrons and friends for 5 great years at Hudson Restaurant & Lounge.

We enjoyed providing our best for you during so many great events, lunches, dinners and happy hours. We appreciate your patronage and we want to continue providing the top-notch, professional service that is our trademark.

Don’t forget to try our unique restaurant LINCOLN located at 1110 Vermont Avenue, NW and coming soon just two blocks away from Hudson will be Teddy & The Bully Bar at 1200 19th Street, NW. With construction already commencing, we plan to open in early 2013. Teddy will pay homage to none other than the 24th President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt. We look forward to seeing you all there when we open. Again, a big thank you for all you have brought to our lives.


Alan G. Popovsky and the rest of the ownership team at Hudson Restaurant & Lounge

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