Fashion can be difficult to keep in step with. The last few decades alone have seen such variety that no one would be caught dead wearing something from the 1990s in the year 2018.

There are precious few things that have survived the fluctuations of fashion, and one of them is the friendship bracelet that is thriving to this day. Classics may be considered cliché by some, but there is no doubt that there is a reason why they became classics in the first place.

The Beginnings

Friendship bracelets are more than simple ornaments. Appropriately named, they have symbolized a kinship between two people for longer than you might assume. These colorful bands are said to have their roots with natives in Central and South America. However, the very art of decorative knotting is not only older than that, but has managed to develop independently in many different areas worldwide. Evidence shows traces of them in China, as far back as 481 B.C.

Traditionally, you tie a bracelet onto the wrist of a friend who may be wishing for something at that moment. The bracelet is meant to be worn for so long that it can’t keep itself together anymore, and it falls apart. At that moment, your friend’s wish is supposed to come true. Fanciful thinking, perhaps, but it has remained a lovely sentiment even today.

The Resurgence

Friendship bracelets regained their popularity in the 1970s and the 1980s. Since then, just about anyone has been wearing them, from children to senior citizens! There is one additional element that makes these bracelets so attractive: they are handmade. It appeals to those with an appreciation for arts, crafts, and authenticity. No bracelet is quite like another, simply because of for whom it was made, and by whom it was made. This bracelet is easy to make, you can then give this as a stunning bracelet for friends you treasure.

The Patterns


It may be a little complex at first, but then, most things are at the beginning. Once you learn the ropes, it’s a great hobby to have, and you could even make it profitable if you were so inclined. The technique of weaving these allows for continuous improvement and variety in patterns. Using few, simple materials that are affordable and not difficult to come by – such as embroidery floss or thread, scissors, tape, or beads – you have the freedom of creating as many different bracelets as you’d like. The internet is, as always, a great resource for the many tutorials already out there on the various patterns. Some to get you started include the Chevron, the Braided Bead, the classic Knotted, the Hearts, the Double Wave, and the Fishtail.

Finally, the mere number of occasions these bracelets can be worn on is a bonus. Thanks to their general durability, they are ideal for occasions in which you might decide to leave your other jewelry behind – such as a trip to the beach or the pool, where you can swim to your heart’s content.

So, if you’re looking to take up a simple, new hobby that can also make a great gift, look no further!