The symbol of Russia is the nested doll, but it was not invented in Russia at all. All the stories about her appearance in Russia at the end of the XIX century converge in one thing: the ancestors of matryoshka come from Japan. Because of this, these great nations are fighting for these toys origin. However, these dolls are still considered the famous souvenir dolls in Russia.

The Reports

As the correspondent reports, in the 1890s nesting doll was brought a figure of a Japanese deity, and he asked a local woodcarver to make her a Russian version – a peasant girl in a scarf and with a chicken in her hands. Nesting dolls quickly gained world fame, receiving a bronze medal at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900.After the revolution, the matryoshka is “democratized,” the article says, and becomes the favorite toy of children and their parents: mothers and fathers use it, in particular, to train babies.

  • In times of crisis, the production of nesting dolls is going through hard times. The largest factory for the production of dolls in Semenov reports a decrease in sales. But, as the newspaper writes, recently one of the Semenov workshops received a large order from Japan for the production of the very Japanese figurines that served as the prototype of the dolls. This factory also produces nesting doll-themed tables and other furniture with Russian accent.
  • On the American television started the reality show “nesting dolls” (Russian dolls) about the inhabitants of the New York district of Brighton Beach, according to the website of the TV channel Lifetime. In the announcement of the 12-series serial, it is reported that he will present an original look at several generations of Russian émigrés. Each weekly show series lasts half an hour.
  • Of the eight main characters of the show, only two are men. As reported on the TV show page, the three heroines of the show are well-to-do married women, and the other three are twenty-year-old girls.

One of the heroines of the show, Marina, owns the Rasputin club on Brighton Beach with her husband. Marina and her husband Mikhail Levitis were especially interested by American viewers, since in early August Levitis was sentenced to three years’ probation and a fine of 15 thousand dollars for corruption. Senator Karl Kruger was involved in a loud corruption scandal.

According to AV club, the first series was reduced to showing Western clichés about Russians: Russian girls, sauna, vodka, borscht. As RIA Novostiads, the premiere of the show has received many negative reviews in the American press.

This is not the first attempt to launch a show on national minorities on American television. Prior to this, Americans were shown a show about Italian immigrants, Jersey Shore, and a series about African Americans, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Biggest One

The biggest matryoshka, in which all the others are, is made in the form of a collective image of the Twitter user, holding in his hands a smartphone running a mobile application. The last and smallest figure in the set is depicted in the form of an egg (which makes a reference to the standard profile image in the service) and is chosen randomly from three different designs.

Australian artist Jiying Lou, famous for creating the famous print Fail Whale – pictures with a whale, displayed on Twitter, when the service is not working, was engaged in drawing the look of the nesting dolls. However, The Department of Reckless Abandon notes that the project of memorial dolls is not affiliated with Twitter. The nesting dolls will be produced by the famous manufacturer of Russian souvenirs – the Golden Cockerel Company, whose offices are located in St. Petersburg and North Carolina, USA. According to the authors of the project, the dolls are made by hand in Russia.

If the project collects the required 30 thousand dollars, the distribution of souvenirs will begin in March. The minimum price, which will cost a set of seven nesting dolls, will be $ 60, but for a greater contribution to the project you will be able to get additional options: for example, the username, the date of the account opening and the text of any tweet engraved on the bottom of the biggest purple nesting dolls.

The Moscow region entered the top five of the most festival regions of Russia for event tourism this fall. Rating has prepared accommodation booking service on the results of a survey of tourists in social networks, reports in the Ministry of Culture of the region.The most attractive for guests’ suburbs in the autumn were Crane Festival, festivals “AntonovApples” and “Harmonica – Russian soul out on the first place in popularity Russian matryoshka. The holiday will take place in the Sergiev Posad State Historical and Art Museum-Reserve. For more interesting facts about of nesting dolls click here

The Festival

At the festival they will present a matryoshka made of wood and metal, hay and flax, ceramics and papier-mâché, in 3D and in graffiti. During the festival, four interactive zones will be organized on the territory of the museum complex “Horse yard”, telling about the history of dolls, toys, traditions of the Sergiev-Posad region, the role of philanthropists in the development of Russian folk culture. Anyone can become a participant in the quest game “The Secret of the Great Master”, the report states.

Students of the Abramtsevo College of Art and Industry will present an exhibition of their works and hold master classes in painting, carving and painting on wood, stone processing, painting on ceramics, and graffiti. There will also be master classes on art fabric painting, art painting on metal and papier-mâché, embroidery under the guidance of teachers of the Moscow branch of the Graduate School of Folk Arts.Representatives of the museum complex “Horseyard” will acquaint with the manufacture of SergievPosad toys: dolls “waist” and “skletki”. A more brightly colored patterns and designs can be found at

In addition, the Shchelkovsky Drama Theater will present excerpts from performances based on the works of Russian writers from the life of county towns of the 18th – early 20th centuries at the festival.The music center will work all day, where the performances of harmonists, accordionists and folk instruments orchestras will take place.

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