Paracord bracelets are so multi functional that it is simply irreplaceable for a survivor or a person in extreme situations. We can talk about the advantages of paracord and the number of areas where it can be used for a very long time and this is certainly a topic for a large separate article. Well, today the theme will be weaving a paracord bracelet.

Of course, it is not at all necessary to weave a bracelet yourself. Due to its popularity, ready-made paracord bracelets are sold in large quantities even in shops for fishing and tourism goods. However, for the same reason it is very difficult to find a bracelet that would be made from a real paracord. Unfortunately, as a rule, a purchased bracelet is quite inexpensive and at the same time made far from a quality material containing fewer fibers and, therefore, less dense. That is why it is sometimes much safer to buy a paracord separately and independently weave a bracelet out of it.

The scheme of weaving a paracord bracelet is simple. All you need is 3.5 meters of paracord, a clasp for a bracelet made of metal or plastic, note that metal clasps may be too heavy for a thin wrist, scissors, and a cigarette lighter. If the weaving described in this article is not to your liking, try other schemes such as cobra and king cobra, fish tail and others presented on website. Secure the paracord on the clasps as shown in the picture. Try the bracelet on your wrist to make sure the size fits.

Steps for making the right choice

Move the right side of the paracord across the center right in the middle, as shown in the photo. By the way, the color of that part of the paracord, with which you start, will become the main color of the bracelet.

Now we take the left side of the paracord, shift it over the right side, draw under the central part and draw it out through the ring, which is formed by the right side of the paracord. Gently tighten the knot. All you need to do next is to repeat this knot again and again until you reach the opposite fastener.

Your paracord bracelet is almost ready, it remains to trim the ends and set them on fire with a lighter. If you did everything correctly, the resulting bracelet should look like in the photo. As you can see, weaving a paracord bracelet is not at all difficult. There are many weaving technique. Try this scheme and you will be proud of your work. You can find more information about choosing the right paracord  by reading this article

Ways to use paracord: Jewelry and accessories

Paracord is great for weaving bracelets, belts and various laces for decorating clothes and mobile phones.

Rope: Paracord bracelets are usually taken on hikes by tourists, because it does not take up space and, if necessary, it can be quickly unstuck and get 3-5 meters of strong rope. For this, there are special quick-weaving options for weaving bracelets.

Lanyard: Lanyards are usually hung on knives to make it easier to pull them out of their pockets. Also lanyards can be hung for beauty and convenience on flash drives.

Wire braid: The wires from the headphones or from the telephone tube are very beautiful. The technology is very simple, the inside of the paracord is removed and the wire is passed through instead. After that, the ends are crimped. It turns out beautiful and practical. You can make yourself wires of almost any color.

Dog collar: Durable paracord is perfect for weaving a collar or leash for any breed of dog.

A thread: The core threads can be used to repair clothes or fix holes in a tent.

Fasteners tents or awning

To secure the tent or awning, a light-reflecting parachord is ideal. Replace the fixing ropes of your tent with a reflective paracord and you will never trip over the ropes in the dark. This paracord perfectly shines in the light of a flashlight.

Catching: With the help of core threads you can make snares on animals. You can also weave a net for fishing. One of the central threads may be used instead of fishing line.

Making fire: Pulling a piece of paracord on a bent stick, you can easily build a device for the production of fire without matches and flint.

Monkey fist: Round balls are made from the paracode, which can be used for various needs. There are four types:

  • A simple monkey fist, with a plastic or rubber ball inside. Usually used for beauty or in the form of a lanyard for a knife.
  • A floating monkey fist is usually used by fishermen to attach to a knife or some tackle so that when falling into the water, the valuable thing does not sink.
  • Monkey fist with a heavy metal ball can be used for defense.
  • Magnetic fist monkey contains a magnetized ball inside. It can be used, for example, to extract a fallen metal object from water.

Shoelaces: From the paracode we get excellent shoe laces. Laces are cheaper than usual. Paracord has a large number of different colors, so you can choose your own shoelaces to match the color of your shoes.

Reflector: for pedestrian was noticeably better on the road in the dark. Children can weave bracelets or straps on knapsacks. Adults can make lacing on backpacks from a lightweight cord.

You can find all these types and more high quality paracords at

A survival bracelet is a trendy urban-style bracelet that can be worn on your arm as a casual accessory. Unlike ordinary bracelets, a paracord survival bracelet is essential. It is a struggle for survival. As you can see, the bracelet consists of a thin strong rope. Unleashing that, you will get about 3 meters of the strongest rope that can withstand loads of up to 250 kilograms. Such a bracelet can be very useful in extreme conditions, be it camping, hiking, climbing, outdoor games of any kind, or even real combat conditions. This is a wonderful gift to those who lead an active lifestyle. A paracord bracelet is a rope bracelet for yourself, if you are often in nature, fishing, and hunting or in the country who knows when it might be useful. This is the kind of bracelet that shows adventurous personality.

The bracelet from Paracord is made of rigid weaving, so that it looks courageously, brutally on the hand. Due to the fact that the Paracord threads are a wide range of colors like white, yellow, red, orange, etc. girls can wear it too. This bright handmade knitted bracelet from Paracord harmoniously blends in with the city and hiking life.